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In some cardinal in front after

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Therefore, the quality of life for their West had a strong stimulation.In fact, 80 later said that patriotism is relatively far away, have a good life is currently most in need of them, after all, this is the pressure and power of their current life of lies. But that does not mean unpatriotic 80. 80 is not without longing for Western principles of fawning. In some cardinal in front after 80 can make a basic judgment, and exhibit on the national interests of thinking and play, since such as Beijing's successful bid for the West's series of anti-China action after 80 brave issued their own voice, even the crown of the Bird's Nest Generation.But 80 is not monolithic, they for patriotism, for the Western understanding there are internal differences, not all of the 80 are on the West yearning. Regardless, nike free 5.0 mens australiafor 80 generations, they are for patriotism, for China and the West unique ideas, it is worth us to draw the line.  (Europe and Russia recently implemented a new round of sanctions, the current round of sanctions is called the strongest efforts to date, involving the most critical areas first. Some analysts believe that this will cause significant negative impact on the Russian economy, Putin will face since 2000 the most difficult situation. But this does not mean that Russia will by way of compromise and concessions Western hopes, European sanctions is difficult to achieve their desired success.On the surface, Europe sanctions aim is to let the Russian leadership understands that Russia's action comes at a price in Ukraine, including the economic slowdown and

diplomatic isolation, but the goal is the essence of Russian influence in the development process, disrupting the rhythm of its rise. Ukraine crisis is only the fuse, Malaysia Airlines crash but Western strengthen sanctions godsend. Even without the Ukrainian crisis, the West will still use other opportunities to put pressure on Russia.Although the West in the context of globalization occupy strong, but Russia is not Iran after all, the success of sanctions and isolation Russia still is a very difficult thing. Although the Russian economy is not developed, and even sluggish growth in the past two years, but long-term foreign economic dependence on Russia is not high, coupled with the vast Russian soil, rich in natural resources, maintain economic self-sufficiency is not an issue.Even in Europe and America and Russia overall against its implementation of a comprehensive economic blockade, Russia can survive and normal operation of their own country. Moreover, Russia's energy card is still dealing with the European and American sanctions nike free 5.0 v4 menskiller. The EU needed to nearly 30 percent of natural gas from Russia, the Baltic countries is totally natural gas imported from Russia, Russia will not only affect the European economy and society run, and even have the ability to influence the world energy market.Meanwhile, the recent establishment of the BRICS Development Bank to promote the process of the Eurasian Economic Union, Russia largest single natural gas, Russia Gazprom Neft plans to stop using the dollar clearing and Russia to China to buy electronic components and so

show that Russia is efforts to open a new chapter in economic and strategic cooperation, which in fact there are many alternative markets and plan to resist sanctions. And another round of sanctions in Europe and America can only accelerate further approached Russia, and this may be their most reluctant to see the results.Russia attaches great importance to the strategic security interests and cultural traditions, often placed above the interests of the safety benefits of development. History has repeatedly proven that Russia compete and core interests in the pursuit of strategic importance has been no mercy. Under the nike free 4.0 v2 cheapinfluence of strategic culture to attack on behalf of the defense, Russia dare to go about involvement in international affairs has been accumulated by active defense a lot of experience. For example, the success of NATO's eastward expansion around, anti-missile systems, Syria, Russia and the West fierce battle, repeatedly waving the big stick beating energy in some countries refused to take orders from its recent annexation of the Crimea it is a encouragement, making it impossible to give up the traditional confrontation with hard power.In addition, the West is not only tough and Putin's personal style, and has a profound basis of public opinion. Crimea into Russia after Putin's domestic support rate of change is strong evidence. Historically, Russia needs to resolve internal conflicts continue to expand and enhance the cohesion, the West is now more need to portray the image of the enemy to heal domestic discontent and contain the

the subprime mortgage delinquencies

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were shortages of funds, while they need to continue to recover the old loans to meet new loans, new borrowers needs. Off donor funding chain is disrupted by this bank, so the bank's business activities can not be normal. And off the donor once they reach a certain size dishonesty will result in bank losses, even bankruptcy, triggering a national and even global financial risks and economic crisis. U.S. 2007 outbreak of the subprime mortgage crisis is due to the subprime mortgage delinquencies caused by a sudden rise.Therefore, we must take effective measures to curb the abandoned house off for behavior. Effectively curb the abandoned nike free 3.0 v5 cheaphouse off for behavior, for the healthy development of the property market, for the long-term stability of economy and society has a very important significance. CPC Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to the integrity of the building, eighteen Third Plenary Session noted the need to establish a sound social credit system, praise integrity, discipline dishonesty. June 14, the State Council issued the social credit system construction Plan (2014-2020), July 23, the Central Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee also issued on the promotion of integrity of the building institutionalized opinion.The fine tradition of our country since ancient times, honest, advocating people can not stand. Honesty is the

citizens' basic ethics, is the basis of a socialist market economy. Personal credit is the foundation of social credit system construction, we believe that through the construction of credit system, and will form the full coverage of the social credit system, through the credit information sharing mechanism, establish and perfect honesty release system, the observance of good faith by the inclusion of the red List , the dishonesty offenders blacklisted so that dishonesty restricted common practice everywhere, it will effectively curb the abandoned house off from the system for behavior, but also to create a good environment for the healthy nike free 3.0 v4 saledevelopment of credit property market.  (80 is China's first generation of only children, is an unprecedented generation of Chinese culture. Most of their lives no brothers or sisters, different growth mindset, their parents do not have the right experience in the discipline to follow, so between restraint and indulgence dilemma, which gave 80 after a freer room to grow, personality development more prominent. Like their parents' generation heroism, collectivism and other personalized imprint, who at 80 is rare.Formation stage just after 80 values ??of China's reform and opening up period, 80 experience a lot of new things, concepts and ideas from the West, these new things that their parents have not even seen. 80 after opening to accept many

of the views and influence, but stick to what, do not know what to hold strong. The traditional definition of patriotism and loyalty even to them have changed, it is no longer a fixed or static, but rather an interaction and the pursuit of each other.Exotic cultural significance for the growth of the 80 directly affects their for China, for the Western attitude. This generation, and traditional culture first appeared broken, they do not worship tradition, but more forward-looking, more outgoing, more longing for the West. Zero Group, according to the findings, 80 recognize that China is still a developing country clearly. Therefore, the introduction of Western culture, ideas and customs, Western multinationals to enter the Chinese market, have concerns on the occasion of another nike flyknit trainer mensgeneration, when 80 more after adhering to a positive state of mind.If the early growth of the West after 80 yearning is multi-faceted flowering, then married in the current stage, longing for the West after 80 is a pragmatic attitude. The so-called pragmatic, means that the yearning is not simple and crude style that the West is good, this yearning for more meaning in life is built on.This is so because of the current state of life after 80 of the decision. 80 Most parents now, they are filled with the pursuit of quality of life. But the status quo is not satisfactory. After 80 competitive pressures faced by society than previous generations a lot higher. According to the findings Zero Group, rose to 80 after only 10.6% of senior, 15.8% in the lawyers, accountants, art, reporters and other IT professional career. Most of the 80 low salaries and jobs, and family structure 4-2-1 also gives them a great pension, maternity, medical and life stress.

possible prosecution and the defense

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the pursuit of justice. On the one hand it was embarked on a petition, leapfrog petition on the road, and even the body rights; on the other hand, individuals willing to defy the law, resulting in the mentality of revenge on society, so that innocent people suffer.Require the executive head of the respondent court for the settlement of administrative proceedings hearing the difficult problem of great significance. Although the law does not require people suing government officials responsible authority cases must appear in court, but in the case of the attorney in court only by the government, many cases of hearing could not fully developed. More critical is the executive head of the court, the parties have a face to face possible prosecution and the defense, which will undoubtedly help toadidas spring blade runnning shoes advance the case to a fair trial results.Different from the verdict in civil and criminal cases, administrative cases against administrative acts demonstration effect is strong. One case of possible impact is not limited to the cases themselves. By the executive head of court, the trial in the case outside the opportunity to explain to the person in charge of regulatory policy. Meanwhile, the authority responsible person has the opportunity to more clearly sympathetic to their needs, understand the emerging field of social conflicts in charge. From this perspective, the social significance of the person in charge does not appear weaker than the legal significance.Guangzhou currently promulgated the Interim Provisions, it is not applicable to the mayor, deputy mayor and

other city leaders in Guangzhou, as well as the district's mayor, deputy mayor and other district leaders. This is the ideal people suing government officials scenes, still some distance. This may be considered to government leaders busy, busy all day responding to difficult; may also be taken into account in the majority of cases can be resolved level functions. However, if there together citizens sued the city government, the mayor himself in court responding to the scene, presumably to give people suing government officials Many practitioners enhance confidence.The executive in charge of people who appear in court more than just a gesture, but also a respect for the social construction of the rule of law is a practice administration according to law. From the rule nike roshe run saleof law sense, leadership respondent court case to improve the efficiency; political significance from the point of view, this behavior is a well-intentioned government released, allowing leaders to show the courage to dare to play. Thus, in more complex cases, the higher the officer could personally appear in court, was the more convincing people suing government officials is an effective way to resolve disputes officials and the public. At this time, the plaintiff and against the indicted executive, is a win-win.This year the property market downturn, some cities in the prices down phenomenon, followed, in some places also broke the case abandoned house off for the. For those unable to pay off the loan on the grounds to abandon the room, it was considered very poor, also suggested that the jump-off for

 the room with room downtown, as are room tiger, we want everyone to learn Wu, Down House tigers. How, then, for those who break it rationally, I have a few comments.First of all, for those who are not abandoned house off the poor. Hangzhou break from donors, the buyers are mostly real estate speculators, real estate purchased Hangzhou location, traffic is relatively good, luxury, the minimum area also has more than 170 square meters, 300 square meters large. They buy a house for the purpose of earning the spread of housing is not only a crowd just need housing. Chase sell speculators nature. When prices rise, they continue to buy, with the first payment as a financial lever to pry huge profits. Their speculation, fueled the market plays down the role because of their nike free 5.0 shoes salerole model, will cause more people off for abandoned room, making the property market more depressed. Thus, their behavior plays a role in the overall market is a hundred harm's. This is why we had to take the original intention of purchase of the policy, that is, through the purchase of limiting speculative investment behavior, to make housing regression function of living.Secondly, for those who break the financial risk will be further exacerbated by the banks, and the impact of the first suite and improving those who just need a loan demands. Bank is built on the basis of credit. Bank capital supply and demand is a bridge who plays the role of both a hand. On the one hand the depositors and borrowers organically combine to make those surplus funds lent by the bank loan funds

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